Just For You Massage Therapy

Come and Be Kneaded


This is a pre-screening message from Elise Taplay Ryan, RMT

Please review the information in the drop-down Covid Button prior to your appointment scheduled in the next couple of days. Phone me at 902208-1105 if you have any questions..

You will need to understand COVID-19 symptoms, the clinic protocol, and the risks for having a massage therapy treatment. 

I will ask that you take your temperature before coming for your message to ensure that it is below 37.5 degrees Celsius. (99.5 F). 

I will ask that you self assess for the COVID-19 symptoms.

(For muscle aches I need to know if they are unexplained. For example, “I fell and hurt my shoulder” is explainable, while “I just feel sore all over and don’t know why” is not.)

I will ask you to sign a waiver declaring that you understand the symptoms of COVID-19 and are symptom-free and that you understand there is still a risk of infection even when following COVID-19 recommended protocol (hand washing/sanitizing, disinfecting, mask-wearing, etc).

You will need to wash and sanitize your hands and if you are immune-compromised, wear a mask upon arrival.



Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay well.