Just For You Massage Therapy

Come and Be Kneaded

COVID-19 PROTOCOL for your appointment at Just For You Massage Therapy 

Arrival to Clinic: 

  1. Read the sign on the door providing instruction for entering.
  2. Enter via the front door
  3. Go to the clinic bathroom and wash your hands using the correct format provided).
  4. Put on your own mask or the one provided mask if you are immunocompromised.
  5. Sanitize your hands again. Do not touch your face or mask.  Follow hand sanitizing procedure (instruction and hand sanitizer  provided)
  6. Wait for RMT to greet you.
  7. Provide temperature.
  8. Sign the waiver/consent document.

In the Treatment Room:

Do not touch your mask or face
When possible a 2-meter distance will be maintained (ex during health update)
All surfaces will have been cleaned and disinfected (ex: massage equipment, chair, pens, doorknobs, linens, etc.) prior to your treatment.

The RMT can wear gloves at your request.
The RMT will have a clean shirt, washed hands, and sanitized hands prior to your treatmen


Disinfecting/Sanitizing Protocol:

Massage Table, face cradle, pillows, chair, side table, door frame and knobs, railings, bathroom surfaces, pens, and anything else in the clinic space that may have been touched will be disinfected before each treatment using approved disinfecting wipes, a disinfecting spray, or a 30 ml bleach/to 250 ml water solution (renewed daily).
Hand washing available in the bathroom.
Hand sanitizing available in the clinic entrance, bathroom, and treatment room


Pandemic Emergency Plan:

In the event of a COVID-19 exposure at the clinic, 811 will be called immediately to receive guidance
All client appointments will be canceled, and the clinic will be closed until further notice
With guidance from the Department of Health all clients will be contacted (client confidentiality will be maintained as per the Health Information Act)
Disinfection protocol will be followed